Diploma Of Information Management System

Program Name:

  • Diploma in Information Management System Program.

Degree Awarded:

  • Diploma in Information Management System.


  • Towards local, regional permanent department in the area of Information Management Systems with the provision of distinguished qualified learning according to the quality of the international criteria.


  • Towards presenting higher competitive program in information management systems and providing a suitable environment encouraging to self –and social learning and contributing to preparing technical Cader armed with advance knowledge and management skills and ability to Recruiting the information management systems and using it in increasing the products Business world, also supported the researchers and academic programs to corporate in the valuable  researches which bring benefits to the country and contributing in knowledge wealth in information management systems.

Program Objectives:

  • Qualifying specialized, scientific Cader in information management system.
  • Enabling the students to understand and use information technology and applicating the informatics systems in the works of organization.
  • Activating the creative and applicatory abilities in the area of information management system.
  • Executing training sessions out of the college with the aim of developing the local, social organizations and regional abilities in the area of information.

Learning Outcome:

By the end of the program the graduates:
  1. Graduating scientific diploma holders in the area of information systems.
  2. Graduating scientific diploma holders in analytical areas.
  3. Graduating work mediator Cader in the area of management.