External Transfer:

Transfer students from other universities should be to admitted according to the rules and regulations of the (MHESR) Ministry of Higher Education & scientific research. The procedures are as follows:

- Sudanese Certificate.

- Transcript attested by MHESR and a copy of the letter of registration from the previous university or college.

Transfer Procedures:

Students join the colleges or other universities and did not success in their study, they can join the college for the new year. Conditionally should bring (proves resignation, re-study or disjoining).

The student submits a request to scientific affairs, the request should be studied by the coordinator of the special department give recommendation with the plan endorsed by the register office to the transferred student will start.

- Transfer should be according to the vacant entries.

- A letter should be sent to the MHESR to ensure the transfer.

- Students will not register unless the Private Foreign Education give the permission and have the ID.

Internal Transfer:

It must be before the pass of 25% from the beginning of the studying year and after the result of the final examinations according to the principles & controls of general administration of the admission.

- The student should not be drop out for misconduct.


Bridging: is the link between levels of different levels of Higher Education (from diploma to (5-4-year BA).

General Conditions:

- Success in the Sudanese Certificate academic of technical section.

- Success in the subjects that qualify the admission intended the BA program.

- The bridging should be from program to similar BA.

Special Conditions:

- Diploma holders may hold an excellent grade they can apply as soon as they graduate.

- Diploma holders may hold very good grade: they can apply after 2 years of experience.

- Diploma holders may hold good grade: they should review the admission guide for the year in question.

For More Information: Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research